Frequently Asked Questions

Dog License:
For the latest information on dog licensing within the Town of Bergen, please contact our Town Treasurer, Beverly Strasser at 715-693-5666. You can download the Dog License Form by clicking HERE.


Problem with my road:
To report a problem with your road please reach out to one of the contacts listed below:

  • Edwin Rucinski, Town Chairman at 715-457-2274; 
  • Jerry Cartwright, Town Supervisor at 715-551-4898;
  • Lynn Strauss, Town Supervisor at 920-918-7781.

Hall Rental Information:
The Town of Bergen Hall is available to residents of Town of Bergen. You can find the Town Hall Rental Form HERE. For more information please contact Shandra Skalecke at


Garbage / Recycle Information:
To inquire about Garbage/Recycle Services or about any questions regarding your containers please contact Shandra Skalecke at 715-693-5666